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To enroll your child, his or her birthday must fall on or before September 1st of this school year.  (This means your three year old must be three by September 1st and your four year old must be four by September 1st.) This is in compliance with state law, and a birth certificate is required.

Our preschool session begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 12:30 p.m. We also offer extended care until 2:00 p.m. daily. 

We follow the public school calendar rather closely with a few changes to meet our specific needs.

Our school year begins in September and ends in May.

At the time of registration you will need the following: your first tuition down payment of $600.00, medical forms 3040 and 680, and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. You will also need to complete a registration form at the time of registration. Please note that any and all monies paid to St. Paul Child Enrichment Center are non-refundable and non-transferable. Call the church office for availability at 954-384-9096.

St. Paul Child Enrichment Center offers classes five (5) days a week for 18 month year old children through PK 4. Our yearly tuition is divided into two down payments of $600.00 (the first due at registration and the second due on August 1st) and 7 additional payments of $600.00 paid September through March. There are no tuition payments due for the months of April or May.

While our classrooms have been approved for 30 children in each, we are committed to keeping our numbers low and our quality high. Therefore, our ratios are 6 to 1 in our 18 month and two year old classes, 9 to 1 in our three year old classes with no more than 18 in the room, and 12 to 1 in our 4 year old classes with no more than 24 in the room.  (Law states 12 to 1 for two's, 15 to 1 for three’s and 20 to 1 for four’s).

580 Indian Trace - Weston, FL  33326
(954) 384-9096
"Nurtures and strengthens the 
families of our diverse community."

We are a ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church. We are dedicated to serving our community, supporting parents, and above all, providing Christian nurture and care for children. This is accomplished through programs, emphasizing the development of a positive self-concept, basic physical, intellectual, and social skills, responsible attitudes and an awareness of God’s love in Christ.

St. Paul Child Enrichment Center follows the constructive theory of child development. The philosophy of the constructive theory is children build knowledge through their environment and through interaction with other children while the teacher serves as support. Our curriculum is "Grow Through Hands on Experience Surrounded by God." Each week our teachers plan lessons and classroom activities which support the four main areas of development: cognitive, emotional, psycho-motor, and language. St. Paul believes a partnership with parents and families is key to achieving optimum development of the child. Our teachers are warm, engaging, Christ centered, and committed to on-going, open communication with parents.

We are a Gold Seal of Excellence school!!! After many inspections, the Child Care Licensing Task Force found our school “excellent” in safety, care, staffing and curriculum. Out of over 1,000 preschools in Broward County, St. Paul Child Enrichment Center is one of only a handful who has received this award. 

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