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Our weekly children's ministry focuses on Sunday education for children.  All are welcome!

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Sunday School is for children ages 3 and older.
​St. Paul Children and Young Families
Why Sunday School?

God tells us who He is in His Scripture. So if we want our children and families to know God better, we must know what His Word, the Bible, tells us! Each Sunday School hour is based on one story from the Bible, and drives home a lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Children's Ministry Volunteers

All of our Sunday School leaders are volunteers who attend St. Paul Lutheran Church.
If you'd like to volunteer your time, sign up here!

As a ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church, there is no cost to you for participating in Sunday School.

Please see Catherine to enroll your child the first day of their attendance.

If you have a child younger than three, please contact Catherine for suggestions of materials you can use on Sunday mornings and at home!

Weekly Lesson Focus
​April 23, 2017

This week, children studied "Jesus Appears to Thomas" from John 20:19-31.  We, like Thomas, doubt what we cannot see.  Through his Spirit, God gives us eyes of faith that we might see Jesus in Word and Sacrament and believe in him. Discuss as a family "When is it hard to trust in and believe in the promises of God? Who is the source of our faith?
Offering Focus: Help us build a school in Toirac, Haiti through the LCMS Coalition of Food for the Poor!

"Nurtures and strengthens the families of our diverse community."
Throughout the year, there are a variety of opportunities for children and young families at St.Paul Lutheran Church. Check back here or see the Church Calendar of Events for upcoming worship, education, outreach and service opportunities.
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Saturday, April 29
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Sunday, April 30 
On the Road to Emmaus

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