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St. Paul Lutheran Church - Transition Survey Information

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Copy of letter sent to congregation on May 14, 2018: 

Dear St. Paul Lutheran Church, 

Many plans and meetings have taken place since Pastor Tim and Laurie announced their retirement plans with us on Sunday, January 28th. There have been two major goals as we process the news and work to the future. The first goal has been to celebrate Tim and Laurie and the ministry that they have been a part of here at St. Paul. The second goal focuses on what will happen after May 27th as we work towards Calling the next pastor for St. Paul.

We look forward to celebrating with Pastor Tim and Laurie on the 27th of May. This will be Tim’s last Sunday to lead at St. Paul and we will worship at 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. There will be a few special guests participating in each service. In between the services there will be a fellowship time with the Hartners. After the late worship there will be a Celebration Luncheon from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. During the Luncheon there will be a program with some guest speakers and President Greg Walton, of the Florida Georgia District of the Lutheran Church, will conclude that celebration with a special blessing for Pastor Tim and Laurie. If you haven’t RSVPd for the Celebration Luncheon, please do so with the church office as soon as possible. 

While Pastor Tim and Laurie plan to stay in South Florida, they will not be worshiping with us at St. Paul or be involved in the transition process to find the next pastor. This practice is common in Lutheran Churches so that the congregation can begin to look to the next pastor as the leader, and so that the retiring pastor is allowed to retire from his role of supporting and shepherding the congregation.

Pastors and leaders from the district have already begun to help guide us in our plans for the transition process. After May 27th, Pastor Scott Gress and Pastor Mark Abram will help lead worship on Sunday mornings. I will be working with the St. Paul staff to help ensure that our day to day ministry and programs continue to nurture and strengthen the families of our diverse community. Steve Reeve, chair of the Governing Board, will work with the board to ensure that their roles and responsibilities in leadership at St. Paul continue to move in the right direction. Chris Seruga will continue to lead the Lay Ministers as well as they help the ministry at St. Paul thrive.

Pastor Scott Gress is also working with Steve, Chris, and me to direct the transition process of leadership from Pastor Tim to our next pastor. This transition will start in June, and continue over the summer as we work through a self study process that helps us learn more about who we are as a congregation, our community around us, and the type of pastor we feel will best lead us in the future. The whole congregation’s participation in this Self Study Process is vitally important!

As you can see, there is a lot to be done, lots to be excited about, and most importantly, lots of things to be praying about. First and foremost, we can be reminded that God’s got this! He already knows the outcome and promises to be with us through the process. I have already started to pray for our next pastor, that God is growing him and already using him in amazing ways. I invite you to start praying for our next pastor too, along with the leadership of St. Paul through the process.

We look forward to sharing more with you over the next coming weeks and months and involving as many people as possible in our Self Study Process. We are thankful for you and the gifts God has given you to live and serve in this community and we look forward to experiencing God’s blessings together in this place as we shine the light of God’s love to others in South Florida. 
Peace in Christ, 

Jeremy Becker, DCE
Director of Youth and Family Ministry

"Our transition "homework" efforts continue! As announced on Sunday, the Survey Group has created an online survey to help us better make sense of what we're learning. Remember - the online survey is NOT meant to replace you speaking with people! Yes, it can be offered to people to fill out themselves; but we really want you to speak to your friends and neighbors and ask them these questions, to help you in your thinking about our church and the sort of pastor we'd like to lead it! Also, when you've gotten responses on the survey, you may enter it yourself online, where we've also provided room for you to share your own thoughts on what you've heard. And always, if you have ANY questions, let us know!"

Online Survey